Custom Truck Body & Trailer Design & Construction

TriVan Truck BodyIf you can imagine it, we can build it! Whether it’s a custom SWAT vehicle for law enforcement, a heavy-duty trailer for oil field use, an oil service truck at Prudoe Bay, or a crew transport truck for California wildfire teams, TriVan has the designers and fabricators to provide custom designed and built truck body and trailer solutions to tackle any task.

Strong, Durable Construction & Design Flexibility

Our patented Snap-Lock aluminum wall panels create a robust, sturdy shell, with integral wall posts every 12 inches on center that provide a very strong base for specialty truck bodies, trailers and enclosures.  It’s not uncommon for our truck and trailer bodies to have to have a lifespan of two or three trucks, and we regularly reinstall existing bodies onto new chassis.  Click here for examples of the myriad truck bodies and trailers we’ve built.

Truck Body and Trailer Solutions Can Include

  • Multiple chassis options
  • Overcab extensions for additional storage
  • Large selection of door configurations
  • Walk-on roof configurations with accommodation for roof-mounted equipment
  • Multiple interior & exterior lighting options
  • Complete electrical installation from generator to communications equipment
  • Heavy duty, custom aluminum cabinetry, shelving & workstations
  • Custom interior & exterior storage compartments
  • Interior partition walls & access doors
  • Heavy duty aluminum entry stairs & ramps
  • Roof access ladders & roof storage compartments
  • Flush floor push-outs/slide-outs to maximize interior space
  • Kitchen/galley/bathroom facilities

Truck Body & Trailer Interior Lining

Our patented Snap-Lock panel design is manufactured with integral wall posts every 12 inches on center for strength, and to be used as interior studs  for the attachment of plywood, painted aluminum or seamless Kemlight FRP.

Truck Body & Trailer Insulation

Our custom truck bodies and trailers are typically insulated with urethane spray foam or rigid board foam in thicknesses of one inch and up.  Fiberglass and mineral wool are also available, allowing for a wide range of R values and attenuation levels.

Truck Body & Trailer Component InstallationTriVan Truck Body

Our designers and technicians work together to integrate and install the best components available for each application.  Some examples include:

  • Heavy duty lift gates, cranes & winches
  • Electric or hydraulic automatic slide-outs and leveling systems
  • Advanced broadcast-level audio-video and camera systems
  • State-of-the-art local & wide area networks (both wireless and hard-wired) featuring cellular, satellite and radio connectivity
  • Pneumatic or manually operated masts for communication equipment, cameras &
    light towers
  • Advanced fire suppression systems

Our service is comprehensive from initial design to final delivery. This aTriVan Truck Bodyssures coordination throughout the project, lowering cost and increasing quality. Our clients also come to us for other services, including damage repair, repainting and interior upfitting. Call or email us today for more information.

Whether your truck body, trailer or generator enclosure is fully planned out or just sketched on a napkin, our experienced designers and staff will put their deep experience to work for you.

Custom Truck Bodies and Trailers Built to Your Specifications

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