Snap-Lock Construction

Snap-lock Panels – Our building block.

These solid aluminum panels compose the sides of our tough bodies. Snapping together, they form the smoothest exterior bodies around, while combining the strength of integral 12″ posts on center.


Durable construction technology and flexible design.

Snap-lock wall panels are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant .100″ thick 6061 T6 aluminum. Each panel is designed to outlast traditional sheet and post techniques. Since snap-lock wall panels have an integral post every 12″ on center, they can easily snap together without the use of mechanical or adhesive fasteners, forming a thick, puncture-resistant, and long-lasting wall. Snap-lock wall panels provide the ideal choice for custom truck bodies, trailers, and enclosures because they can be configured into any design imaginable and provide a rivet-free exterior for a smooth finished surface.










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