Snap-Lock Construction

Snap-lock construction provides a ton of flexibility in the shape and layout of a vehicle, allowing us to easily meet any dimensions and to put windows wherever they are needed.

snap-lock construction

Durable construction technology and flexible design.

Snap-lock wall panels are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant .100″ thick 6061 T6 aluminum. Each panel is designed to outlast traditional sheet and post techniques. Since snap-lock wall panels have an integral post every 12″ on center, they can easily snap together without the use of mechanical or adhesive fasteners, forming a thick, puncture-resistant, and long-lasting wall. Snap-lock wall panels provide the ideal choice for custom truck bodies, trailers, and enclosures because they can be configured into any design imaginable and provide a rivet-free exterior for a smooth finished surface.

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