Patented Construction Technology Allows Design Flexibility with Exceptional Strength

Our unique Snap-Lock wall panels are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum.  With integral wall posts every 12″ on center, they snap together using no mechanical or adhesive fasteners to form a thick and sturdy wall.  The perfect choice for custom truck bodies, trailers and enclosures, design and configuration is limited only by the imagination.

Snap Lock Panels

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  • Puncture-resistant, long-lasting .100″ thick 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Rivet-free for a smooth exterior finish
  • Easily repairable (individual panels can be replaced)
  • Vertical integral posts 12″ on center
  • Rigid structure doesn’t requiring additional steel reinforcement

TriVan Truck Bodies, Trailers & Enclosures Routinely Outlast the Chassis They’re Mounted On

“In 2005, Truckwell had TriVan install ten 14′ truck bodies on ten new 2005 Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 chassis.  They were then shipped to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and after 10 years and an average 105,000 miles of abuse, spending their whole life on gravel roads with temperatures dipping to -60F, all were shipped back to TriVan for re-fitment onto 2015 RAM 1500 Chassis.

All ten are in good working order with only minor hinge and weather stripping issues.  Comparing 105,000 Prudhoe Bay miles to the paved roads in the lower 48 states, I would venture to say these bodies have the equivalent of 500,000 miles of lower 48 abuse on them.  Below are photos of the 2005 trucks arriving, before remounting of the TriVan bodies on the new 2015 chassis.”

– Russell McKenzie, Truckwell

Tough Truck Bodies, Trailers & Enclosures That Take Abuse and Continue to Serve

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