Animal Control Truck Bodies

Our animal control truck bodies can be designed and configured to fit the specific needs of your department or agency.

Popular configurations include vented doors, heavy duty stainless steel door latches and hinges, all aluminum hose out compartments, interior cage doors with a cutout opening to allow use of a catch pole, liftgates for loading and unloading of carcasses, tool storage compartments, air conditioning units, exterior scene lights, exterior warning lights, pull out loading ramps, and much more.

Our sturdy, corrosion/rust proof aluminum construction outlasts fiberglass or “sheet-and-post” steel equivalents and is re-mountable for years of use!

The finished product is a body that is significantly lighter than comparable steel bodies resulting in increased fuel economy and reduced wear on vehicle suspension components, drive train and brakes. In our customer’s experience TriVan aluminum bodies outlast the vehicles they are mounted on and offer an estimated life cycle of 20-30 years with minimal maintenance and without any refurbishment. 

Industry-Specific Truck Bodies and Enclosures

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