Pizza’zza Custom Built Mobile Pizza Serving Trailer put to work at TriVan.

pizza1TriVan had a delicious pizza lunch catered last week from the folks at Pizza’zza to launch their new custom built mobile pizza serving trailer. The 21 foot, TriVan built trailer includes a 3,600 lb oven from Wood Stone of Bellingham and will be used primarily for catering at local weddings, events, festivals and breweries in addition to some street vending.


We quickly learned first hand that when it comes to pizza Pizza’zza does not mess around. With two restaurant locations in Bellingham their mission is to “build community one slice at a time” with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Skagit and Whatcom counties. True to their mission Pizza’zza put together a dream team of local manufacturers including TriVan, Wood Stone of Bellingham, and Chazzam Signs & Graphics of Bellingham for a 100% Whatcom County made pizza trailer.


In describing the design and build process Erica Lamson, Co-Owner of Pizza’zza wrote:


pizza2“Ever heard those stifling, dead-end words, ‘I can’t?’ Or the more frustratingly global: ‘it can’t be done.’ There are two types of people: the can-do’s and the can’t-dos. I’m sure you have both kinds in your life. There are those who encounter a problem and back down and turn away. Then there are those who encounter the same problem, look around, ponder, collect their resources and find some way over or through the problem.


The can-doers launched us into space, created the technology that connects us, and invented the medical technologies that improve and extend our lives. Moving forward, they are the ones who will solve our myriad of seemingly insurmountable global issues. The can’t-doers? Well, they are back there stuck behind their problem waiting for someone else to figure it out.


The folks at TriVan, however, are 100% can-doers. There is no project, task or problem that is insurmountable to them. They see a problem and they immediately start looking around for solutions. In fact, I think they even like it. I think they enjoy the challenge of overcoming the impossible.


pizza3The really striking thing is that they do it with grace and ease. There is no grumbling, no whining, no bemoaning the situation. They simply step back, gather their resources, and dive in. And for this, I have absolute and unwavering respect. I’ve never worked with an organization with more collective character and integrity than TriVan. They are just good people. Plain and simple. Straight-shooters. Can-doers. Artisans. Magicians. And simple geniuses at their craft.


If you have a dream that you think is impossible—like we did—go talk to TriVan. You’ll quickly see that impossible doesn’t exist in their world. They will find a way.”


Wow! Erica, we are flattered. For more information on the Pizza’zza Mobile events and catering check out

Edited by Justin Vorhees